impressed & impressive

I was really impressed by her performance.

Does this mean that the performance was good or bad?

If you are impressed by something or someone, you admire it or them. It is a positive feeling.
If you are impressed by someone, it is their ability to do something that impresses you.
  • The Olympic Committee were impressed with the progress for the Games in London in 2012.
  • His speech didn't impress me much.
  • Your big house and expensive car don't impress me at all.
The thing or person that impresses you is impressive.
  • The restaurant had an impressive wine list.
  • Wow! That was an impressive performance for such a young actor.
  • There is an impressive view from the top of the building.
Impresionante can also be translated as amazing or incredible or if extremely beautiful - stunning.
  • The actress looked impressive in her Versaci dress. WRONG
  • The actress looked stunning in her Versaci dress. RIGHT
Impressed never has a negative sense, so:
  • I was really impressed, seeing the car crash. WRONG
  • Seeing the car crash really shocked/affected me. RIGHT

When were you last impressed by something or someone? Why?

Who do you think looks stunning?

When were you last shocked by something? Why?

Can you think of an actor or actress who gave an impressive performance in a role?


Montse said…
A lot of places in Spain impress me but The Alhambra is impressive.
Graham said…

I would like to go back to Granada. I didn't get to see the Alhambra when I was there many years ago. I didn't know that you need to book ahead.