CAE formal letter - (Wise Owls group)

Here are some sentences from the formal letters that you wrote for homework. Can you spot the mistakes? Is the register formal enough? Make any appropriate improvements.

  1. In addition, he was the responsible of the trainees.
  2. He has a deep experience in teaching.
  3. When it comes to teach young people, he manages to keep students motivated.
  4. Furthermore. he is a really good public speaker.
  5. She uses to spend a month each year in an English speaking country.
  6. That's one aspect that I think it would be recommendable to take into account.
  7. I have known Sergio for eight years, more or less.
  8. I think that students will not get bored in his classes, it is more, they will find them very enjoyable.
  9. In my personal opinion, he is a very close person.
  10. This openness to new places and cultures might come very useful.
  11. He is a self-reliant character who is used to face multiple challenges.
  12. ... so he would be capable to control different groups of children.
  13. I consider I know her pretty well.
  14. Whatever the child wants, she makes any effort to satisfy their wishes.

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Luis Carlos Fernández said…
Sorry for mistaking the group.

1. He was responsible.
2. Wrong adjective (wide, considerable).
3. ...comes to teaching...
4. Really good is too informal.
5. She used to...
6. Other aspects are not recommendable?
7. More or less is too informal (for around eight years would be better).
8. Reiterative.
9. In your opinion he is a relative?
10. Openness spanglish.
11. Has a self-reliant character or is a self-reliant person.
12. capable of controlling...
13. Pretty well is too informal.
14. The children...their wishes or the child...his/her whishes.
Graham said…
Hi Luis,

You are welcome to reply to whichever posts you want.

1. ... was responsible for the trainees.

2. He has considerable experience in teaching. (In this sense, "experience" is uncountable)

4. Right. He is an excellent public speaker.

6. ... one aspect that I think would be...

8. I agree.
... what is more, they will...

9. In my opinion, he is a friendly person.

10. Openness exists.
... might come in / prove very useful.

11. ... who is used to facing ...

13. Right.
"Consider" is formal but you consider doing stg / consider stg.
I think / believe I know her reasonably well.

14. ... she makes every effort to ...

Well done!