CAE formal letter - (LOL group)

Here are some sentences from the formal letters that you wrote for homework. Can you spot the mistakes? Is the vocabulary formal enough? Make any appropriate improvements.

  1. He has asked me to write a recommendation's letter.
  2. I have known Mateo since ten years old when he began to work at Pullmantur as holiday representative.
  3. He was the responsable of hotels and clients in Asia.
  4. ... which I consider very important, specially when dealing with large groups.
  5. To finish, I just would like to add that Andrés is eloquent and charismatic.
  6. When it comes to deal with teenagers, he is supportive and empathetic.
  7. She is extremely used to be in touch with her pupils.
  8. She showed good skills for languages like French and English.
  9. She always has been good considered by her classmates.
  10. I am sure that she will make an excellent work.
  11. I know her for ages.
  12. She has a friendly character which makes her get on with people.
  13. Along these years she has developed many social skill as good planning and organizing.
  14. She knows already the British culture as well as the city of London.
  15. She is thinking to become primary school teacher.
  16. Although she has a lot of imagination and she always has very good ideas so if appear some trouble she will find the right solution.

Take a look at this collocation dictionary and thesaurus. You will find them useful for your future writing tasks.

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Luis Carlos Fernández said…
1. recommendation's (missplaced "n").
2. for ten years or since I/Mateo was ten years old.
3. The person in charge or he was responsible.
4. Too informal?
5. To conclude (more formal)?
6. Adjectives are synonyms.
7. Unnecessary "extremely".
8. She no longer shows good skills?
9. She has always been...
10. Excellent worker.
11. I have known her...
12. Get sth on is very informal or extremely vulgar.
13. Such as.
14. She already knows British culture...
15. She is thinking of...
16. Too fragmented to understand.
Graham said…
Hi Luis,

It's not easy to spot mistakes but you seem to have done a good job. There is often more than one way to correct a sentence.

I started off with a typo. I have corrected the spelling.

1. He asked me to write a letter of recommendation. / I am writing on behalf of ....

3. He was responsible for ... / in charge of ...

4. especially

5. or In conclusion, ...

6. when it comes to dealing...

7. You are right. "extremely" sounds awkward here. But the "serious" mistake is:
She is used to being ...

8. I get what you mean but the sentence probably made sense in a context. It is too informal.
She has a flair for languages such as French and English.

9. You are right. She has always been highly regarded by ... = bien considerado

10. The expression is "do a good job" but it is too informal. She will be an excellent worker.

12. "get on" vulgar? Maybe "get it on with sb" is. LOL
... which allows her to get on with people.

13. You are right but also -
Throughout these years ... such as ...

14. "as well as" might not be formal enough
Not only does she know British culture but also the city of London.

15. She is thinking of becoming ... / She is considering becoming ("consider" is more formal)

16. LOL It's often difficult for me to understand what a student means.
... if a problem arises ...

Thanks for answering. Sorry for taking so long to get back to you. I have had a busy week.