November tweets

I have been on Twitter for four and a half years now. If you haven't signed up, why not do so? I think it is an entertaining way to help you along the learning path.

Here is a look at some of the tweets from Novembers past:


I have been living in my flat since November 2011. I will have to move again in a year's time when the contract runs out.

The thing about tweets is that you are limited to 140 characters so you have to omit words.  For example in the first tweet here, I'd normally say:

I am very happy in my new home and neighbourhood. I am still hard at work opening boxes and arranging things but the end is in sight.

I am hopeless at putting furniture together. I think the table would still be in the box if I hadn't had help.

Notice that I write useful expressions in capital letters. What do you think "slowly taking shape" means here? You should always try to guess the meaning from the context before looking it up and finding further examples.


The following story caught my eye - I can't imagine why:

I sometimes retweet grammar-related links. I also wrote a post on the verb think.

It's not that often that I remember my dreams. I wonder what the following one meant:

Has anyone else been to Cañon de Rios Lobos? It's worth a weekend.

José Mujica is no longer President of Uruguay. Here is a selection of his quotes.

The worst thing for me about Spain is the treatment of animals. There are just too many stories like this one:

Yasser Arafat wasn't the only famous person to be exhumed:


They say that Madrid is the dirtiest that it has ever been but:

I am not nearly as polite as I used to be:

I stayed in the Parador in Fuente De. Use Tripadvisor to read reviews of hotels, restaurants and places that you visit.

Today is Black Friday. Why oh why do we need it here?


I always find war stories interesting:

Two extremes:

All these lucky people: