World Cup tweets

Twitter can be a great tool for learning more vocabulary. You can use it as a dictionary to see words and expressions used in a natural way.

Here are some football expressions taken from the football lists part 1 and part 2.

to be sent off:

the crossbar:

to foul (2 meanings):

a referee / goalkeeper (goalie):

dive (v,n):

the penalty spot:

Which team would you like to progress to the quarter finals?

France v Germany

I want France to win. I love France and I prefer the French to the Germans.

I enjoyed the Germany v Algeria match but then:

I didn't think that the Germans were cheats.

Brazil v Colombia

I'll support Colombia because they are the underdog. Brazil has won the World Cup enough already.

Argentina v Belgium

I'll definitely be supporting Belgium even though it is home to the headquarters of the Evil Empire (ie European Union).

And there is no way that I want Argentina to win:

It is disgraceful how they can make political points at a sporting event.

I bet you that FIFA won't punish them in the end but if England had done the same...

Holland v Costa Rica

I was happy that Holland sent Spain home, and that Costa Rica helped end the dreams of England and Italy.

I like the Dutch but after this... :

... I will be happy to see Costa Rica win.

I hope the crowds whistle every time Robben touches the ball.

Which teams would you like to see in the final?