Remember to flush after your dog

Potty plan: Spanish town sets up dog toilet

Creator says that depending on how toilet is received by the public, he'll begin marketing it to cities around the world

From the country where private detectives and neighbourhood watch groups stalk the streets to catch dog owners who don't clean up after their pets, comes the next frontier in the Spanish war on negligent pet owners: the dog toilet.

El Vendrell, a small town of 36,000 people in northeastern Spain, has set up a canine toilet along one of its main thoroughfares. The contraption mimics a human toilet in many ways; its stainless steel platform features a hole with a lid. Dog owners must flush the toilet, releasing jets of water that carry the excrement through underground pipes to the sewer system. Next to it sits a doggie urinal – a grid with small holes over which dogs can squat. Between both sits a water fountain for dogs.

a potty -
potty (adj) -
to stalk -
to clean up after -
to set up -
main (adj) -
a thoroughfare -
stainless steel -
a lid -
to flush the toilet -
a jet of water -
a pipe -
a sewer -
a grid -
to squat -
to breed (bred) -
a goal -
a contraption -
to train (an animal) -
to raise (a child) -
to point to stg -
to lure -
to clash with stg -
a setting -
to face -
a fine -
up to ($750) -
a marketing pitch -
to decrease -
to crack down on stg -
Do you think the plan is potty?

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Roberto said…
Dog toilets!,ja,ja,ja...Now I live in a quiet street,no traffic cars,not to many people walking...Apparently,some people go there with their dogs to have a shit on the sidewalk,and they don´t clean up after.It´s shameful and disgusting!.
Graham said…
Hi Roberto,

I've just arrived back in Madrid. Thankfully many people are away - I just wish it was always so quiet.

I doubt the dog toilets will catch on but who knows - stranger things have happened.

Not too many people walking...Apparently,some people go there with their dogs to have a shit on the sidewalk, (this made me laugh because it sounds like the people themselves are shitting on the streets) I'd say - some people take their dogs for a walk there for them to do their business and they don´t clean up after them. .It´s disgraceful and disgusting!

PS How were your hols in (O)porto???
Roberto said…
I´m going to go to Santander,Not Oporto...
Graham said…

Santander is lovely but I prefer Oporto. It'd be great to visit it again.

Anyway, have a nice time.