Policeman Pursues Popular Party Politician

“The law is the same for everyone,” says Madrid mayor about Aguirre incident

Members of the governing Popular Party (PP) have been less than impressed by the behavior of former Madrid premier Esperanza Aguirre, after she fled from traffic police before they could finish giving her a ticket for parking her car in a bus lane on the capital’s Gran Vía on Thursday afternoon.

The veteran politician has strongly criticized the officers who stopped her on Thursday, accusing them of being “sexist” and claiming that all they were interested in was enabling someone to take a photo of the incident in order to make her look bad.

a mayor -

behaviour -

to flee (fled, fled) -

to claim -

to enable -

in order to (= so that...) -

an incumbent -

to knock over sb/stg -

to pursue -

upon her arrival -

to be drawn on stg -

a citizen -

to turn stg around -

to back sb -

a branch -

a supporter -

to point out -

to fine -

to hand stg over -

What is your opinion on the incident?



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