Another v other v others (Part 1)

So many students have difficulties with another and other.

Nuria asked me if there was a post on it; well there is now. I am always happy to take requests.

Consider the following sentences:

(a) I'm going to order another bottle of wine. 

(b) I'm going to order other bottle of wine.

We generally use another with singular countable nouns. It's like saying "one more".

  • My husband wants other another son. I'd prefer a daughter.   (We already have a son)
  • I have a student who is from Peru and other another who is from Venezuela.
  • Would you like other another slice of chocolate cake?
  • We should give him other another chance.

Another can also have the meaning of "a different one".

  • This pen doesn't work. Do you have other another one?
  • I'm on holiday next week so you'll have other another teacher while I'm away.
  • Let's go to other another bar. I'm tired of going to the same one every time.
  • I should get other another car. I've had this one for 15 years.

Easy so far?

Expecting an exception?

Well, you can use another before a plural quantity with a number.

  • I need other another three or four days to finish this report.
  • There's still other another 100 kms until we get there.
  • Other Another two shops in my street have closed down. 

Plural quantities are often treated as singular in English.

£5 is a lot to pay for a cup of coffee.             (  £ = pounds )

£5 are a lot to pay for a cup of coffee.  

40ºC is very hot.                    (  º = degrees )

40ºC are very hot.    

Another exception?

Often my students say:
I didn't understand. Can we listen another time?   

They really should say:
I didn't understand. Can we listen again / one more time?      

Again / one more time would translate as "otra vez".

Another time has the idea of "en otra ocasión":
  • One time we went to the sea-side for the weekend. Another time we went to the mountains.

Yet another excpetion?

We often use someone else, something else or somewhere else instead of another.
  • Would you like another thing something else?       ( ¿Quieres otra cosa? )
  • I'd prefer to go to another place somewhere else.            ( Preferiría ir a otro sitio )
  • Can another person someone else drive?        ( ¿Puede conducir otro? )

This is taking longer than I expected. So I'll continue this another time / some other time?..... Ahhhhhh even I'm confused now!


Montse said…
Hi, Graham. Didn't I leave a comment about this post? Anyway...I've read it. Really good!!!
Roberto said…
I´ve read it too.I always get confused with these words...
Graham said…
Montse and Roberto,

I was getting confused in the end and so I decided to have a break.

There'll be a second post on other(s) coming up with an exercise to check your understanding.

luciti said…
Hi Graham!

I've read it.

I'll try to do some examples:

Would you like something else?
Yes, I would like to have another cup of coffee.

Would you like to have another son?
No, I already have another two sons. Besides I might have another age. LOL!!

I've read another two posts this afternoon.

Would you like to have others friends?

Would you like to visit somewhere else?

Can someone else help him, he is a little boy and he can't catch the ball what is on the roof.

I don't keep my mind on the class, I am thinking in another thing.


see you soon

Graham said…
Hi Lucía,

I'll try to get round to writing the secon part to this post some time soon.

Would you like to have other friends?

Can someone else help him, he is a little boy and he can't reach the ball that is on the roof.

I can't keep my mind on the class, I am thinking about something else.

Well done!
Anonymous said…
Hi, i am Santi.
Great post.