Night caps are bad for sleep

Alcohol-fuelled sleep 'less satisfying'

A tipple before bedtime may get you off to sleep faster but it can disrupt your night's slumber, say researchers who have reviewed the evidence.

The London Sleep Centre team says studies show alcohol upsets our normal sleep cycles.

While it cuts the time it takes to first nod off and sends us into a deep sleep, it also robs us of one of our most satisfying types of sleep, where dreams occur.

Used too often, it can cause insomnia.

Many advocate a nightcap - nursing homes and hospital wards have even been known to serve alcohol - but Dr Irshaad Ebrahim and his team advise against it.


alcohol-fuelled -

a tipple -

to get off to sleep -

slumber (n) -

to nod off -

to rob sb of stg -

a nightcap -

a hospital ward -

in the short term -

to wear off -

to snore -

to breathe -

to drop off -

on the whole -

to indulge -

to play havoc with -

to fall asleep -

the loo -


What advice do you have for a good night's sleep?


Montse said…
Hi, Graham.

I think the better for a good night’s sleep is to do some exercise and I am sure you won’t need a nightcap to fall asleep quickly.

alcohol-fuelled – no sé como definirlo en español ¿¿¿????

a tipple – una bebida alcohólica

to get off to sleep – empezar a dormir

slumber (n) – sueño o sueño ligero

to nod off – cabecear ( empezar a dormir

to rob sb of stg - robar

a nightcap – una bebida alcohólica que se toma antes de ir a la cama

a hospital ward – una sala de hospital

in the short term – a corto plazo

to wear off – desaparecer lentamente

to snore - roncar

to breathe - respirar

to drop off – quedarse dormido

on the whole – en su conjunto, generalmente

to indulge – darse el gusto

to play havoc with – hechar a perder

to fall asleep – quedarse dormido, dormirse

the loo – el cuarto de baño

See you!!!
Roberto said…
I agree with Montse... I think is better to do some exercise,than take pills,or alcohol(or pills and alcohol,even worst). Alcohol-fuelled it must be something like "impulsado por el alcohol".
Graham said…
Hi Montse and Roberto,

I seem to get better sleep in my bed in Scotland. I fhink it's because I feel more relaxed here.

I should get a new mattress when I get back to Madrid; that might help.

I agree that after drinking alcohol it is difficult to get a good night's sleep but I think that a small quantity helps you sleep better.


Sometimes it is a good idea to look up the definition in English. Some ideas are difficult to translate.

I think that most of your transaltions are fine.

Alcohol fuelled means that a situation has been caused by alcohol so I think Roberto's translation is right.

I think "play havoc" would transalte as "causar estragos en algo" or "armar un lio".

I think the best thing for a good night's sleep is...


I think it is* better to.... ( ... even worse)

* be careful - you seem to repeat this mistake.