International Women's Day

Today many countries around the world celebrate Women's Day.

I was made aware of the date in class this morning and my first reaction was to ask when International Men's Day was. Nobody had an answer and I suppose, like me, everyone thought such a day didn't exist. But I've just discovered that it is celebrated on 19th November every year.

International Women's Day highlights hurdles obstruction equality

Domestic violence against women, pay inequality and abortion rights among issues raised

International Women's Day was marked amid a mood of anger that the struggle for equality is far from being won.

Source: Guardian


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a struggle -

the mood -

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a bruise -

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lucia said…
I have read the article, It's interesting but I think is a little dificult.

Graham said…

Did you read the history of IWD? Did you see I was right about the factory fire in the USA? :-)

It's interesting but I think it is a little difficult.

I agree but I'm sure you got the gist.