US restaurant lives up to its name

Man Has Heart Attack at Heart Attack Grill

A heart attack is no laughing matter... but this one’s a little ironic.

The Heart Attack Grill lived up to its name in Las Vegas — a customer was eating a “triple bypass burger” when he began showing signs of a heart attack.



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It's not the first time that Heart Attack Grill has been in the news. Listen to these two reports- the first: Free food to obese customers, and the second: Heart Attack spokesperson dead at 29.


lucia said…
I have listened the two reports about the Heart Attack restaurant. It's the second time I listen these reports, I listened them last week, and I can't believe it

bye, Lucía.
Graham said…
It could only happen in the US, couldn't it?

I have listened to the two reports... It's the second time (that) I have listened to them. I listened to them and I still can't believe it.