The Basque Country - some welcome news

Basque group Eta says armed campaign is over

The Basque separatist group Eta says it has called a "definitive cessation" to its campaign of bombings and shootings.

In a statement provided to the BBC, Eta called on the Spanish and French governments to respond with "a process of direct dialogue".

The declaration, if followed through, would bring an end to Eta's campaign of violence, which has lasted more than 40 years and killed more than 800 people.

Source: BBC News


to follow stg through:

on behalf of sb:

to weaken:

a crackdown:

to lay down arms:

widely (anticipated, considered):

to carry out (an attack):

a ceasefire:

a truce:

to jail sb:

What do you see happening next?


Montse said…
Hi, Graham. I feel happy for the news but I think the way towards the understanding will be really difficult and long. Let’s see how the next government negotiates the agreement.


to follow through: seguir desarrollando algo

on behalf of sb: en representación de alguien

to weaken: debilitarse

a crackdown: medidas enérgicas

to lay down arms: deponer las armas, abandonar las armas

widely (anticipated, considered): ampliamente

to carry out (an attack): llevar a cabo

a ceasefire: un alto el fuego

a truce: una tregua

to jail sb: encarcelar a alguien
Graham said…

This is great practice for my Spanish. I am ashamed to say that after so many years here.

When I was at la Caixa Forum yesterday, I read everything in Spanish first and tried to translate it. I generally did quite well but there are so many ways to translate the same thing.

Sometimes it doesn't feel as if it is enough to look things up in a dictionary. Did you look all the expressions up in Word Reference?

I agree with most of your translations. Maybe I'd say:

en nombre de - on behalf of
llevarse al cabo - to follow through

but the general idea is there.

Have you got time for a coffee after class on Tuesday or Thursday? With Carolina?

I'm in 114. Where are you?
Montse said…
Hi, Graham, as you know we are civil servants, so, of course we have time for a coffee!. This course we are at the same class that past one. If you want, we might meet tomorrow, after class, next to the lifts.
About the words, first, I look the expressions up in Cambridge Dictionary and I usually understand that they mean but sometimes I have to look up in Word Reference to find the correct Spanish word.
Ah!, in Spanish the correct expression for “to follow through” is “llevarse a cabo” (ejecutar algo, concluirlo)
Graham said…
Ok Montse, let's meet tomorrow. Wait for me beside the lifts, I'll try to get out of class on time.

We are IN THE SAME class AS THE last course. If you want, we CAN meet tomorrow, after class, next to the lifts.
About the words, first, I look the expressions up in Cambridge Dictionary and I usually understand WHAT they mean but sometimes ...
Anonymous said…
Hi. This is Enrique, from Ministery of Justice. I've read this and I'd wish it became real...bit I don't believe them. They have lied too many times...
Graham said…
I think that is the general feeling in Spain, Enrique. I can understand why there is so much DISTRUST but in my opinion, this time there is a real possibility of a permanent cessation.

No doubt there will be SETBACKS and other problems AHEAD, not to mention difficult compromises (on both sides) to be made.

Let's see how it all TURNS OUT.

I WISH IT WERE TRUE (but it isn't) / I HOPE IT HAPPENS ...but I don't believe them.