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London Riots Spreading: Cameron Calls Emergency Session

Prime Minister David Cameron has called an emergency session of Parliament after violent riots continued into their third night.

Since Saturday, police have arrested more than 500 people and one person has died. It is the worst rioting in Britain since the 1980s.


Facebook Users Land in Jail for UK Riots

“Two Facebook users in their early twenties have been jailed for four years for inciting riots. Jordan Blackshaw and Perry Sutcliffe-Keenan set up pages on the social networking site encouraging people to join in with the violence that spread across England more than one week ago.”

So what’s the big deal? Well, the riots they were charged with “inciting” never actually happened.

The above headline is factually incorrect - the riots were only in English cities. If the riots had happened only in Scotland, the media would not have labelled them UK riots.


Chocolate Could Help to Lower the Risk of Heart Disease

Good news for chocoholics…new, more comprehensive research shows chocolate could help to lower the risk of heart disease. Researchers compared a number of studies on chocolate with potentially delicious results.


Montse said…
Hi, Graham. I'm glad to see you over here. Does it mean the new course has already started?
I'm on holidays once more time but I promise you to work on the blog as soon as I finish them. I have to cach up with it.
Graham said…
Hi Montse,

I'm easing back into the way of things but reluctantly.

Remember to make use of facebook and twitter too.

I'm on the lookout for new students so if you hear of anyone, pass them my way.

Enjoy your hols. I don't want mine to end...
Anonymous said…
Hi Graham, I've just read this post.
I have learnt some new vocabulary, such as "riots".
By the way, the new about chocolate is quite interesting.

See you on Wednesday,
Graham said…
Hi Inés,

But I think too much chocolate gives you spots so take it easy on the intake LOL

the news is interesting (news is uncountable)