Mistakes this week

All people go on holiday in August. WRONG
Everyone/everybody goes on holiday in August. RIGHT

I'm not IN THE MOOD FOR explainING this one now. It's not that I don't know :D , it's just that it'd take too long.

everyone/everybody = singular (present: verb + "s")
person (sing) , people (plural) so:
People are, people go ...

I watch too much films. WRONG
I watch too many films. RIGHT (grammatically) but possibly WRONG (in meaning)

too, too much and too many are negative concepts:

It is too hot in here.  (I don't like it - open the window)
She talks too much.  (I hate it - she should talk less)
We bought too much food. (We didn't need to buy so much - it's a waste!)
There are too many people in this class. (I won't learn so much with so many classmates)

If we simply talk about the degree/quantity without the negative concept , we'd say:

It is very hot in here.
She talks a lot.
We bought a lot of food.
There are a lot of people in this class.

Using the above ideas tell me:

what you don't like about living in Madrid / about other places
what you don't like about the Spanish or other nationalities
what you don't like about some people you know/ famous people
some defects that you have
some mistakes that you have made


Jesús said…
About living in Madrid, I don´t like traffic jums, it is very hot in the summer, it takes you too long to get a lot of places, you need more money than y other cities ...
Spanish people are very funny (usually) but very often we are inpolite, above all when we are abroad. We don´t notice there are other habits/customs, and sometimes we don´t show respect.
About famous people, I don´t remember to have talked to you about it, anyway, what a don´t like about famous peope is that they usually have more money than me (it´s a joke).
Defects: a lot, too many.
Mistakes: another time, a lot. May be not too many. This is the reason why I try to get better each day.

See you in two weeks and thanks for your comments.
Graham said…
What a nice surprise to see your comment, Jesús!

I don´t like TRAFFIC JAMS (there is TOO MUCH TRAFFIC) ...it takes you too long to GET TO a lot of places, ...
Spanish people are *very funny (don't you mean "good fun") but very often we are IMPOLITE, **above all when we are abroad.
About famous people, I don´t ***REMEMBER havING TALKED to you about it, anyway, ... (it's a joke = I AM JUST KIDDING)

Mistakes: AGAIN, a lot. MAYBE...

* See fun v funny: http://madteachergraham2.blogspot.com/2009/11/fun-v-funny.html

** above all is more formal than "especially"

*** remember + verbING v remember + to + verb:

Enjoy your week in Holland.

Let me know if you want to try a lesson on skype.