What a surprise - Beckhams give daughter unusual name

David Beckham has posted a video on Facebook in which he describes his joy at the arrival of his first daughter with wife Victoria.

The couple has called the baby Harper Seven.

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Source: Sky News


(adj) be very much in love with stg or sb - s______

a expression often used by parents to refer to their baby - a b_____ of j__

to fail to satisfy - d_________

the most important (adj) - m___

an object that creates a feeling of admiration - a w_____

a zebra is a black and white s______ animal (adj)

to e_______ - to print or decorate sth in a noticeable way

oldest child in a family (adj) - e_____

the characteristic speech of a region - a t____

Grammar Point:

"You have to be more delicate with girls than boys and I am not used to that."

The above structure: to be (not) used to + noun / verbING ...

... is used to show that you are accustomed to stg / doing stg

Read and do activities from previous posts on be/get used to.

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Anonymous said…
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Graham said…
Hi Majda,

We have the same problem with our names - they are difficult for the Spanish to pronounce. FOR MOST, I just pronounce it the Spanish way. I get FED UP having to explain my name.

HAVING SAID THAT, there are Spanish names I have difficulty with - Elena, Esteban, Amparo... I can't put the stress on the right syllable.

I have two English colleagues called Andrea but they have the stress on different syllables. One of them is impossible for me to get right.

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