Flight disruption for Iberia

Strike action in Iberia for Monday and Tuesday

Flights out of Madrid will be those most affected

Iberia company has been forced to cancel some 400 flights on Monday and Tuesday as cabin crew call strike action as their TCP union demand increased wages.

The flights affected are those which connect Madrid with other European cities such as Lisbon, Paris, London, Brussels, Amsterdam and Frankfort, and also on the domestic routes to Andalucía, Valencia, Basque Country, Asturias, Galicia and Barcelona.

Flights using series IB5000, IB 7000 and IB8000, operated by Vueling, Air Nostrum and other code sharing companies will not be affected, and flights to both the Balearics and the Canaries are expected to run as normal.

A second round of similar stoppages is set for November 10 and 11.

Meanwhile, plans announced by Iberia to create a new short and medium haul airline, where they can pay pilots less and reduce other costs, have not been well received by current workers. The plans include a wage freeze to 2012.

Source: typicallyspanish

Have you ever been affected by strike action?


Mª Jesús said…
Hi Graham:
I'm Chusa. This is a big problem for the people who have to travel a lot for bussines.
Many days, I and other people have to go to another spanish city to have a meeting or to visit someone. You stay there only a few hours, and after you return to your city. When there are strikes like this you cannot celebrate the meeting because you are late or never, aren't you?.
Pilar said…
I have had problems two times
In one case I cancelled my trip, because I had to go and to come back in the same day.
In the other case, initially my flight wasn´t affected by the strike, but I was waiting five hours at the Airport until the jet went out.
Graham said…
Hi Chusa!

I have had many problems over the years when travelling by plane; but I can't remember a flight that has been delayed or cancelled due to a strike.


You stay there FOR only a few hours, and THEN you return to your city. When there are strikes like this, you cannot HAVE the meeting because you are late or never ARRIVE, aren't you?

Nice use of the question tag! LOL

In English you don't celebrate a meeting - you only celebrate something that you are happy about such as a birthday, a party, your team winning a match ....

It was great to have a day off today, wasn't it? See you on Wednesday!
Graham said…
Hi Pilar!

What happened when you had to cancel your trip because of the strike? Could you get a refund (= your money back)?

TWICE I have had problems.

until the jet LEFT /TOOK OFF.

By the way which Pilar are you? I have two Pilars this year.

Are you Mon/Wed Pilar or Tues/Thurs Pilar? LOL