Kate Winslet 66th Annual Golden Globe Awards Best Actress Speech

I found this a bit embarrassing to watch.

Do you ever feel embarrassed for anyone? Can you think of an example?

What do they want her to do when they ask her to "wrap up"?

Who are the cast of a film? What does she mean when she describes them as remarkable?

Kate is up against Penelope Cruz for Best Supporting Actress at the upcoming Oscars. Kate beat Pe at these Golden Globes but might Pe win at the Oscars? Have you seen either film? What do you think of their performances?


Miriam said…
I like the speech, but I don´t understand it very well,so I can´t answer your questions.

Kate is surprised and I like it.

I´ve only seen the film Revolutionary road and I can´t recommend it,but she works well and I prefer Kate to Pe.
Graham said…
Hi Miriam,

I got your e-mail. Welcome to the blog!

I agree wih you. I like the speech but I find its delivery quite difficult to watch.

I think she was genuinely surprised because despite being nominated, had never won any award before.

I think she is a fine actress who can play a whole range of roles.

Kate Winslet is a popular actress in England but I get the impression that Penelope isn't nearly as popular with the Spanish. I wonder why that is.

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