Wimbledon - even Nadal is blogging!

Rafael Nadal is writing a blog as he participates in the tournament of Wimbledon. It doesn't make difficult reading. Don't rely on it for grammatical accuracy - how many mistakes can you spot?

Do you think Rafael will conquer Wimbledon at last?

Hi everyone,

Well, to be honest with all, if it was for me, I would only talk about football all night. I am writing this blog tonight a couple of hours after Spain has defeated Russia and qualified to play the final of the Eurocup of football. Big night for us Spaniards, very big. I love football and everyone knows it. I had a great time today and I am very proud of what the guys have done. What a match, what a team we have. I believe they can really win the whole thing and that could be historical for my country. I might sound a bit over excited, but you know what, I really am.

I watched the match again at home, at the house I have rented during my stay at Wimbledon. I had my team with me, the people traveling to the tournaments with me, also Feliciano Lopez and his team. We had a great time before and after and I am writing this short blog today before going to sleep.

I have been asked if did really ask the organization to play early. And yes I did. I am not sure if this is very professional. Why not? we can do both, hhuhh? We can play our tournament and also be looking forward to watch football. I did ask to play early so that I could be on time to watch the match. It is not only the tennis match itself that it was also pretty long (almost 4 hours). But after that I have some work in the changing room with my physiotherapist and then all the media and TV. That takes almost 1.5 hours.

Tomorrow I have that half day off* as I call it since after practice I will take it easy and rest. Maybe it is not the right day to go for that ride on The Thames. Maybe next week if I am still at the tournament.

Many thanks to all and allow me to say today: Viva España !


Source: The Times

Spotlight on vocabulary:

* if you have some time off, you don't go to work.
  • Jane: Where's the boss today? Gillian: You can relax. He has the day off.
  • I really need a couple of days off to sort out my problems at home.
  • I'm going to take next week off and go to visit my friends in Barcelona.

If you had the day off, what would you do?

If you ever feel bad about your level of English, just listen to this short interview with Nadal. He surely can afford the best English teachers but could a native English speaker understand much of what he says?