Adiós King Juan Carlos

King Juan Carlos abdicates - good, bad and ugly moments in a 40-year reign

King Juan Carlos's almost 40 years on the throne have been marked by triumphs, tragedies – and some terrible trip-ups. Here is a look at some of the highs and lows in his life

The high point of King Juan Carlos's reign was undoubtedly his intervention to prevent a military coup, in the shaky years after the dictator General Francisco Franco died.
A group of 200 Civil Guards, under Lieutenant Colonel Antonio Tejero, stormed into the lower house of parliament in February 1981, as the MPs were voting in a new prime minister.
a trip-up -
a coup -
shaky (adj) -
to storm -
to dismiss -
rabble-rousing -
to hiss -
from the sidelines -
to jeer -
amusement (n) -
to shut up -
to spawn -
to undergo surgery -
to injure -
a hip -
to plummet -
hanky-panky -
battered (reputation) -
needless to say -
a brush with controversy -
to dose up -
good-humoured (adj) -
jolly (adj) -
money laundering -
a household -
to be aware of stg -
to leak (to the press) -
to heal -
a rift -
an onlooker -
a bruise -
a plaster -
to slam (a door) -
to thrive -
childhood (n) -
a revolver -
a forehead -
to nudge -


Roberto said…
Better late than never.In spanish we say "una retirada a tiempo es una victoria".In this case,five or six years ago,he missed an opportunity to achieve a victory,and to keep a good(more or less)reputation.
Graham said…

I've never been a fan of Juan Carlos but I recognise that he has done a good job for Spain.

Let's see how Felipe copes.
Roberto said…
Let´s see...