Common mistakes - enjoy / fun

The other day, when asked about her holidays, Cristina said "We enjoyed a lot."  

What  is missing from the sentence?

Enjoy is always followed by either an object or an object pronoun or a reflexive pronoun.
  • I really enjoyed her company.
  • A: How was the party last night?        B:  We enjoyed it a lot.
  • As well as improving his English, our son really enjoyed when he was in Scotland.  
  • As well as improving his English, our son really enjoyed himself when he was in Scotland.             

The verbs like, love, prefer and hate are also followed by objects.
  • A: Do you like Italian food?     B: Yes, I love.         B: Yes, I love it.
  • A: I hate Hugh Grant.     B: I don't like either.         B: I don't like him either.

When talking about her summer holidays, Alicía said they were "very fun".  

Do you remember the difference between fun and funny?

We can say:
  • My teacher is very funny.  
  • You should watch the new series. I think it's really funny.   

Fun can be a noun or a verb but that doesn't really explain why we "very" can't precede it.
  • My holidays were great/good fun.    
  • I had a lot of fun when I lived in London.    


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Montse said…
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