Suspicion still surrounds Spanish sport

Operation Puerto judge sparks outrage by ordering destruction of blood bags

The Spanish anti-doping agency will launch a legal appeal after the judge in the Operation Puerto trial sparked outrage by ordering the destruction of more than 200 blood bags that could hold the secret to one of the biggest doping conspiracies in sporting history.

Judge Julia Patricia Santamaria rejected a request by the World Anti-Doping Agency and the country’s national anti-doping organisation to hand over some 211 bags of blood and plasma and other documentary evidence seized by police seven years ago from the clinic of Dr Eufemiano Fuentes.

Yesterday, she found Fuentes guilty of endangering public health by ­giving blood transfusions to elite cyclists and sentenced him to a one-year suspended jail term, but she frustrated anti-doping officials by ruling that all evidence relating to the case, right down to the computers used during the Operation Puerto investigation, would be destroyed.

Investigators are anxious to examine the blood bags using the latest scientific methods to identify athletes from a range of sports who used Fuentes’s services as a blood-doping expert but who have yet to be unmasked.

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What do you think of the scandal?

Do you think that punishment was too lenient?

Do you think that the blood bags should be destroyed?

Are Madrid's chances of histing the 2020 Olympics harmed by all this?



Roberto said…
I´m completely against doping and I think is necesary to clean the image of the spanish sport,fighting against doping. But there are other countries like China or Russia,under suspect to use forbidden substances in sports,and the international community don´t pay any attention of that... So,I think there are more than the eye can see in that matter!(matter or subject?).
Graham said…
Hi Roberto,

I think that the authorities just tried to sweep it all under the carpet. The fact that they don't want to identify the cheats probably means that there is cheating on a massive scale.

I remember that when the French media suggested that Spanish sporting success wasn't just down to talent, there was an uproar here.

There are cheats all over the world - every country should do all that they can to identify them.

... and I think it is necessary to clean up the image of Spanish sport,fighting against doping. But there are other countries like China or Russia which are under suspicion. / suspect of using banned substances in sports, and the international community doesn´t pay any attention to that... So,I think there is more than meets the eye regarding this matter.

See you on Tuesday.