Elephant poo coffee

One lump or poo: World's most expensive coffee at £30 a cup made using beans digested and, er, flavoured by elephants

Black Ivory is produced in northern Thailand costing $1,100 (£685) per kg

Elephants are fed the coffee and beans are taken from the dung

Unique coffee only sold in Thailand, the Maldives and Abu Dhabi

Forget robusta and arabica - this is the world's most expensive coffee, given its unique flavour by...an elephant's digestive tract.

The thought of a coffee bean passing through an elephant's internal organs might not leave coffee-lovers overly enthused.

But the unique coffee, created in the hills of northern Thailand, is now the world's most expensive variety.


a lump (of sugar) -

poo -

to feed (fed,fed) -

dung (n) -

flavour (v/n) -

gut (n) -

to scurry -

to sift through -

a price tag -

brave (adj) -

to give stg a try -

to pursue (an idea) -

to break down (proteins) -

smooth (adj) -

to end up with -

bitterness (n) / bitter (adj) -

to stew -

earthy (adj) -

a jungle retreat -

a cherry -

raw (adj) -

to chew up -

thorough (adj) -

to spread -

a bunch -

a pile -

to grind (ground,ground) -

to bet -

a batch -

sold out -

Would you try Black Ivory?

What is the most revolting thing you have tried?


Anonymous said…
Hi Graham

I don´t believe!!! Puajjjj!!! I usually have a coffee when I get up, but next Monday I'll probably throw up... :-(

See You Monday....
Graham said…
Hi Hilde!

I think King JC should be made to drink gallons of the stuff ( but I wouldn't clean the beans for his coffee so thouroughly). :-)

I don't believe it. Yuk!

Talking about wild animals - I'll correct your answers about Christian the lion now.

Have a nice weekend.

Anonymous said…
Hi Graham!!!!

jajajjaaa!!!!!! LOL.
A great idea. I think Queen S stands how voluntary to give it him.

Graham said…

volunteer (v/n) voluntary (adj)

I think Queen S would volunteer to give it to him.
Anonymous said…
Hi, it´s Nuria.

Oh, Graham, I´ve read it and it´s disgusting!!!

"The flavour is nice", says the blond girl with a strange expression in her mouth. Come on! Hahaha!

would you give this coffee a try??

Graham said…

Says the same one who has eaten dog...

If I had to choose, I'd drink the elephant poo coffee.