Facebook and Twitter

Why not join me, if you haven't already, on Facebook and/or Twitter?

There you will find things that I don't post here on the blog.

Some of you may worry about the privacy issue. Remember that Facebook gives you the option of who is able to see your wall - the general public, friends of friends or only the people on your friend list. You can hide all your details, even from specific people.

Another option you have is to create a new Facebook page, under a new name that nobody will recognize. You would only use it for English.

Unlike Facebook, it doesn't seem that many people have a Twitter account.

Some of the tweets (messages) go directly to my wall on Facebook, but you are not able to see those that contain a link or sent to an individual unless you have a Twitter account. It is very easy to set up.

You can, if you prefer, just follow all my Tweets by clicking on the link in the top left hand column in this blog.

With Facebook and Twitter (you will be relieved to hear), you are limited as to the length of the comments that you can write. Like with the blog, I'd appreciate an "I've read this" or something similar. Communication is one of the keys!

Also, like with the blog, you should explore past comments in Facebook and old Tweets. Read the comments and my corrections of other students - it all helps in the learning process.

You can also follow other English language educators on both Facebook and Twitter. They will send you updates from their pages.

Facebook: Graham Madridteacher

Twitter: madteacher72

So I hope to see you participating in my Facebook and Twitter pages in the very near future.