Clubber sues and walks away with £28,000

Clubber wins compensation for dance floor fall

A clubber who broke her wrist in a fall on a dance floor has won £28,000 compensation.

Source: STV

Do you think this woman deserves the compensation?

Do such cases happen in Spain?


l_________ (n) - the way sb earns money to pay for food, a place to live etc

to l____ - to make an official complaint, claim, protest etc about sth

w____ (n) - the part of the body that links the arm and the hand

s_______ (adj) - wet, smooth or oily that it slides or causes to slide easily / to s___

to k____ - to hit and cause to move or fall

to s_____ ___ __ c____ - to solve a legal disagreement without taking legal action

s__ (adj) to do sth - likely or ready to happen

to c____ - to fight or argue

to s____ - to cause to fall over an edge eg a cup of tea / s____ (past, past part)

l__ a____ - used after a negative expression to show how unlikely something is

a pin -

to jostle -

to claim -

a civil hearing -

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