It's up to you

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If you say to someone "it's up to you"; you are telling them that they are the one to make the choice, that it is their decision or it depends on them

A: Do you think I should take the job?
B: That's up to you. You'd earn more but remember that you'd have a longer journey to work.

A: I can't make up my mind. Should I buy the red or black one?
B: It's up to you. You look great in both.


Montse said…
Graham, I’ve done some exercises of the “Funky Phrasals of BBC Learning English” and I’ve tried to learn 10 Phrasals Verbs but I’m sure I won’t remember none of them tomorrow. They are very difficult!
Graham said…

I have more faith in your abilities than you seem to have. lol

I am sure you will be able to cope with phrasal verbs better than most.

Just take your time.

I’m sure I WON'T remember ANY of them tomorrow.