Yet another war ...

  • in support of an international effort
  • a broad coalition
  • not an outcome that the United States … sought
  • to pursue an immediate ceasefire
  • despite the hollow words….
  • we cannot stand idly by when…
  • there will be no mercy
  • its forces step up their assault

  • a tornado takes off
  • on a 3,000 mile round trip
  • appalling brutality that Colonel Gadaffi he has meted out
  • the barrage from UN forces
  • at strategic targets
  • issued a defiant message
  • they’ve released footage of people..
  • or how they were wounded
  • …is well underway
  • appears to be digging in

  • we are raising the banner

What do you think of what is happening?

What do you think the outcome will be?