Supergran revealed

I can't provide you with subtitles but here are some of the words and expressions from the video.
  • a jewellery heist
  • her handbag wielding, arm swinging act
  • six would be robbers
  • The video is striking and so were the sledgehammers
  • … that they would dare to do a daylight robbery
  • … and why should they get away with it?
  • … they didn’t get away with anything but handcuffs and perhaps a few bruises
  • The courage shown …
  • showed the skills of a pro
  • Supergran does not mess around
  • In for a penny, in for a pound.
  • You were just mad
  • you sometimes need to use a wheelchair
  • an amble up the hill
  • the legs wobbled
  • threatened me
  • eyeball to eyeball
  • an old biddy
  • they grabbed the guy
  • I did stand still for a second
  • My lips were trembling
  • I was speechless
  • I’d have to hang up and call my mom
  • It’s been plagued with prostitution and drug dealers
  • Alleyways which became known as rat runs
  • … were wired off, fenced off…
  • Does it bother you that….?
  • They were mesmerized
  • They thought it was a wind-up
  • A lot of people will want to bid on that bag.


Montse said…
Hi Graham.

This video is amazing and the “supper granny” my hero. I watch it time and time again and I can’t stop laughing…

See you on Thursday!!
Graham said…
Hi Montse,

I agree. If only there were more people like her. Nowadays most people turn a blind eye to things, instead of doing the right thing.