The Santiago Way

Watch this video about Maggie Devos and try to answer the following questions:

What does Maggie love to do?

How often does she do it?

How old is she?

What is she going to do?

When is she going to start?

How long is it going to take her?

Who is she going with?

Listen out for the following words and expressions:

she can be seen out and about......


be at one with myself

a route that has been trodden for more than a 1000 years.

....ending up at the santiago compostela.......

I'm going to go and crochet and take life easy.......

Pilgrims reckon to do about 18 to 20 miles a day along these roads....

I'll look back and think I wish I had done that. raise thousand of pounds for Alzeimers sufferers well as a few blisters

Source: BBC News

Do you know anyone who has done something out of the ordinary in retirement?