We can do it!

Is there anybody out there who didn't see the match last night?

Here is an interview with Xabi Alonso. I've provided the interviewer's questions. How does Alonso answer them? I'll give you some key words to listen out for.

  1. Spain has just reached their first final since 1984. Tell us what that means to you.
  2. Are you suprised by the margin of the victory?
  3. You've got Germany in the final. What have you made of their performances in this tournament?
  4. Your father Periko played for Spain. What has he told you about previous generations of Spain players and the pressure on them?
  5. People always talk about Spain not being so good in the knockout stages.Is that a burden of expectation that you feel in this generation?
  6. And which German players do you think will be the key ones against you?
  7. So you are feeling extremely confident going into this game...

Did you hear any of these words in his answers?
  • supporters
  • winning track
  • faith
  • tough
  • first/second half
  • scored
  • challenge
  • so far
  • lads
  • mood
  • killer instinct
  • beat
So here is hoping that Spain will triumph on Sunday! I predict 3-1 for Spain. WE CAN DO IT!!!