TIGER BAY (1959) directed by J Lee Thompson

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Tiger Bay is one of my favourite films. It’s about the friendship that develops between a young girl and a Polish seaman. She witnesses him murdering his girlfriend and so he takes her with him as he tries to escape the country. It is a touching story.

This is starting sequence of the film where the two meet.

Watch and listen. Write what happens here.


Natalia said…
I've never heard of "Tiger bay" but I must watch it if it is one of your favorites! I did recognise the girl: she stars in "The parent trap" (called here: tu a boston y yo a california!!!)
I didn't understand very well the kids conversation but I'll summarize what I've heard.
They are playing with fake guns but one of the boys tells the girl (she says she's not a "lady") that she can't play with them because she doesn't have a gun. She shows him a so called "bomb" but he mocks her and another one throws her bag to the ground. In that particular moment, the seaman arrives asking for an adress. He can't read it very well but with the boys help, he finds out that it's near the girl's home. She finally shows him where exactly the place he's looking for is. At the end, we can see the seaman going up the stairs.
I hope I did it correctly!
See you tomorrow!
I hope
Graham said…

I can just imagine you like the girl in the film when you were younger; arguing with the boys for not letting girls play with toy guns.