Subject Questions (a)

Subject Questions are an example of where practice is much easier than the theory. Let me try to keep the explanation short and simple.

The majority of questions are Object questions and they follow this form no matter what the tense:

Question - Auxillary - Subject - Infinitive (QuASI)

What do you do? I am a teacher.

Where does he live? He lives in London.

When are they coming? They're coming on Monday.

Who did you see there? I saw my old teacher.

How will you get there? We'll go by car.

Can you see the Question Words are the object of the verb?

But in some questions the Question Word (who, what, which, how many) is the subject of the verb. Look at the following examples:

Who teaches you? Graham (teaches us).

What happens at the end of the film? They fall in love.

Which teams reached the final? Real Madrid and Valencia (reached the final).

How many went to the meeting? Only 3 of us (went to the meeting).

Note that Subject Questions don't use an auxillary. The question word is followed by the verb which shows the 3rd person present or the past tense.

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Compare these Object/Subject questions :

Which fictional character did Conan Doyle create? (CD created)Sherlock Holmes.
Who wrote the Sherlock Holmes stories? Conan Doyle did / (wrote the SH stories).

When was Mount Everst first conquered? (It was conquered in) 1953.
Who conquered it? Edmund Hillary did / (conquered it).

Who made this cake? Its delicious! I did / ( I made it).
How many cakes did you make? (I made) just one.